Jarome Luai’s nasty comments about Panthers forward Nathan Cleary have resurfaced as the Wests Tigers make a $6 million move.

Jarome Luai made some insightful comments earlier this year about Nathan Cleary and what it’s like to play without a half-partner for the Panthers.

Luai has reportedly accepted a five-year, $6 million contract to join the Wests Tigers in 2025, but the move is yet to be finalized due to a new ‘grace period’ introduced by the NRL.
Under the new rules, players must give the club 10 days’ notice after accepting a deal with an opposing team in order to respond or counterattack.

After Luai told his teammates he was leaving, the Panthers gave him one week of practice.
However, there are also concerns that Luai may reconsider his decision to retire as the new cooling-off period comes into effect.

As leading NRL writer Andrew Webster revealed this week, Luai told him earlier this year: “It would be scary not to play alongside Nathan (Cleary).
” That’s what it means.
He was always second to the Kangaroos’ halfbacks.

But Luai will be a mainstay for the Tigers, and Panthers coach Ivan Cleary pointed out earlier this year that he was relatively untested in that regard.
As Adam Lucius wrote on Yahoo Sport Australia this week: “Luai is expected to be there the year after next and perform from the start, although he oozes skill and class.

, he won’t have players like Nathan Cleary, Brian To’o, Liam Martin, James Fisher-Harris or Dylan Edwards to bail him out when the going gets tough.
The experienced and calming influence of halfback Ivan Cleary on the Tigers goes without saying.
However, former NSW coach Brad Fittler said Tigers coach Benji Marshall believes they can turn Luai into a superstar halfback.

“I think (Luai) grows when people suggest he can’t do something.
I suggest he find a way to do it.
” Jarome said he missed out on a lot.
But he seems to have the ability to overcome that and push himself,” Fittler told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“You have to tick certain game management boxes, but as long as you have the backbone to play with, all three of you covering them, there’s no reason why (Luai) can’t be a halfback.

If you look at Korowasau), the majority of their games are played by him and he can do things that other teams would need from two players, which is very busy.
However, Tigers legend Steve Roach has made a shocking claim that Luai will not be leaving the Panthers after all.
Penrith’s contract offer for Luai pales in comparison to the Tigers’, but Roach believes Luai will be paid well into the second half of his career if he remains at Penrith.

“The thing is, if you’re a good, decent player, you generally don’t move between clubs unless there’s a family situation,” Roach told FOX Sports.
Make money for the next 30 years.
Don’t worry about the next 3 years or his 4 years.
“And these boys deserve to be looked after by the club.

It’s not bad to be in the premiership three years in a row.
I want him to come (to the Tigers), he’s a good player.
But I have my doubts.

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  1. Oky , let him go !! PANTHERS still the best team in NRL , we will be WIN again 2024 primership, we have good player’s there, Nathan can leaad the the way from there, 2024 NRL premiership is ours, you see good example at Addo carr , from STORMS to bulldogs, he Addo carr is big money deal and didnt turn the club around last year 2023, that will be the sam
    Panthers let go!!! 2024 is ours.

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