Leeds United are looking to strengthen their squad with another centre-back before the January transfer window closes

, but the target is unclear.
As one report claims, they will be looking for opportunities in the coming weeks.

Ready to bid (ISSA DIOP) from Fulham, would also be good to have a chance.
However, with three centre-backs still sidelined, Leeds are keen to add another player to this position.

This was confirmed in a press conference earlier today, the offer is underway as management will look for favorable opportunities.

They simply cannot afford to spend 200-300 million euros this month and will therefore have to work very focused to find the right person.

but competition is intensifying and Leeds have not yet decided whether to make an offer or not.
Management will likely monitor this deal closely in the coming weeks,

keeping in mind the possibility of loan enhancement.

In other words, the reinforcement may not happen right away but the intention is still there.

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