Breaking News:Grant Williams suffers new injury

Mavs fans, please join us.
Before the Mavericks’ second game in three days against the New Orleans Pelicans at American Airlines Center, we ranted about coach Jason Kidd.
Mavs fans, stay strong.
The Dallas defense will likely be dealing with at least one, and possibly all four, Pelicans players who missed Saturday with an “injury.
” Because you can’t say “I’m taking a break.
” Depending on how much firepower the Mavs can add to their active roster, there could be a shootout this time around.
Luka Doncic, Derek Lively II, and Dante Exum all missed Saturday’s game due to injury, but Doncic and Lively were listed as “questionable” before Saturday’s game, so they were not available Monday.
There is a possibility that he can play.
Things are even murkier for Exum, who has missed the Mavs’ last five games with a heel contusion.
If you have any questions about Kyrie Irving’s status as an apex predator in the NBA, his January stats will gladly give you a shout-out.
In the seven games since his heel injury, Irving has averaged 30.
3 points, 7.
4 rebounds, and over five assists per game, including scoring 14 points in his first game back against the Jazz on New Year’s Day.
There is.
In the last three games Doncic missed with injury, Irving was eliminated at odds north of 35/7/7.
His pull-up sweater is still deadly.
His natural ability to weave through four defenders and twist his body on the way to a score remains intact.
He seems to instinctively know when to stop Doncic and when to take on the scoring burden.
When he is the Mavs’ first option on the field, the team doesn’t feel hampered offensively like many teams feel when their first offensive option is unavailable.

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