Former engineer reveals the highlight of Lewis Hamilton’s successful career

Antigo engenheiro revela o destaque da carreira de sucesso de Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is considered one of the most successful drivers in the history of motorsport. The engineer who worked with him during his early years in F1 recently revealed that Hamilton’s performance in the 2006 GP2 sprint race in Turkey was the highlight of his racing career. According to Guyot, Hamilton’s display during the sprint race was nothing short of extraordinary.

During the GP sprint race in Turkey, Hamilton initially found himself in seventh place, but a spin at the start caused him to drop to nineteenth. Despite the odds against him, Hamilton showed unwavering determination and fought his way back to the podium. Guyot recalled the incident, acknowledging Hamilton’s courage and relentless pursuit of victory. This race showcased the ambition and hunger for success that would eventually lead Hamilton to multiple world championships.

The news of Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 created a stir early this season. A former F1 champion, who has been associated with Ferrari for a considerable period, expressed concerns about the potential challenges that Hamilton’s arrival may bring. Villeneuve, when discussing the situation, shared his thoughts on the matter.

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