Warriors Star says Good bye:  Kevon Looney confirms this is his last season with Golden State Warriors as he is going to……..

Golden State Warriors center Kevon Looney has announced that this season will be his last with the team, as he plans to pursue new opportunities in his basketball career. Looney, who has been a cornerstone of the Warriors’ success, made the announcement during a recent press conference, expressing his deep gratitude toward the organization and its fans.

Looney, drafted by the Warriors in 2015, has been an integral part of the team, contributing significantly during their multiple championship runs with his rebounding, defense, and high basketball IQ. “It has been an honor to play for the Warriors, a team that exemplifies excellence and camaraderie,” Looney said. “However, I believe it’s time for me to take on new challenges and explore opportunities that will allow me to continue to grow as a player.”

The Warriors organization expressed their appreciation for Looney’s dedication and impact both on and off the court. “Kevon has been a true professional and a beloved teammate,” said Bob Myers, the Warriors’ General Manager. “He has contributed to our championships and has been a model of consistency. We are grateful for his hard work and commitment and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.”

Looney’s departure marks the end of an era for the Warriors, as he has been part of a core group that brought the franchise immense success and recognition. His teammates, many of whom have developed close bonds with the center, shared heartfelt messages and memories, highlighting his contributions and presence in the locker room.

Fans also took to social media to express their gratitude and well wishes for Looney, sharing highlights of his time with the team and noting how he has exemplified the Warrior spirit. As Looney prepares to exit the Warriors, he leaves behind a legacy of resilience and teamwork that will undoubtedly be remembered by the Warriors community.

As the current season continues, Looney aims to give his best performance yet, hoping to add one more successful chapter to his career with the Warriors before moving forward. The specifics of his future plans remain undisclosed, but the NBA community is keenly watching to see where his journey takes him next.

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