Arsenal Fanboy Lewis Hamilton Joins Anne Hathaway as the Duo Send an Encouraging Message to the Gunners

“Chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the world and one of the most successful,” said Lewis Hamilton when Roman Abramovick was selling Chelsea, and the Briton was a part of the consortium that bid to buy the club. Yet, Lewis Hamilton has always been an Arsenal fan since his childhood and now joins Anne Hathaway to send an encouraging message to the Gunners.

Arsenal last won a Premier League title during the 2003–04 season, also known as the invincible season, as the Gunners did not lose a single match on their road to the trophy. The London club is now once again very close to winning the title and is in a tight fight with Manchester City with 3 games to go. With just 1 point between the teams, these last games become extremely crucial, and Arsenal’s recent game with Chelsea was one of them.

Arsenal slammed Chelsea in the recent London Derby, winning 5-0 and retaining the top spot in the standing for the time being. Anne Hathaway, who is a massive Gunner supporter, was recently giving an interview for her movie “The Idea of You” with Co-Star Nicholas Galitzine. However, the duo were secretly watching the Chelsea-Arsenal match when Leandro Trossard scored the first goal. Galitzine, who’s also a Gunner, secretly mumbled that Arsenal had scored the first goal, which was followed by a celebration from Hathaway.

Yesterday, during another interview with Today, Anne Hathaway was shown a video of Trossard thanking Hathaway for celebrating his goal, which left the celebrity awestruck. And just a few days after Hathaway explained her affections for Arsenal, Lewis Hamilton has come out to encourage the Gunners. At a GQ event, Hamilton was asked who he supports in the Premier League, to which he replied Arsenal.

When asked if he’s happy with their results this year, he said, “Of course I’m so happy, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.” And while Lewis Hamilton is a Gunner, it wasn’t his own choice to become one. There’s an interesting story behind it and let’s uncover it.

Lewis Hamilton’s sister forced the 7X champ to become an Arsenal Fan
Just like many of us, Lewis Hamilton didn’t really know what team to support while growing up. I for one, started watching football when I was 8 and didn’t understand much about the support. However, my brother supported Chelsea and I used to watch the games with him and eventually became a blue. Hamilton had a similar story, but instead of his choice, he was forced by his sister to become a Gunner.

Lewis Hamilton explained, “When I was young, around the corner from where I lived, I used to play football with all the kids and a couple of close friends at the time. I really wanted to fit in. I was the only kid of color there. I knew all the kids supported someone different, one was Tottenham Hotspur, one was Manchester United. I remember switching between these teams when I was younger and getting home and my sister Sam punching me several times in the arm, basically beat me, saying ‘You have to support Arsenal!’ I remember, 5-6 years old, that I then became a supporter of Arsenal.”

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