Breaking News: New Details on LeBron James to Warriors Trade Talks Revealed

The Warriors reached out to LeBron James during the season.

One of the biggest mid-season stories of the season was when the Golden State Warriors tried to recruit LeBron James to the team in February. It was a moment that may have set a domino effect for LeBron’s potential upcoming free agency this offseason.

According to a report from Shams Charania of The Athletic, LeBron James choosing not to engage with the Warriors in February has now given the Lakers more confidence that he’ll re-sign with LA. Here is the excerpt from Charania’s article.

“But when James chose not to engage with the Warriors at the trade deadline in February, with Golden State owner Joe Lacob known to have opened that door during a trade discussion that ESPN first reported, the Lakers saw it as a sign that he truly valued being part of the Lakers organization.”

While the Lakers felt good about LeBron re-signing in the middle of the season, his cryptic response at the end of Game 5 can’t be the most comforting feeling.

“A month later, James’ cordial courtside visit with Buss and her longtime Lakers partner Linda Rambis was as good a sign as any that all was well in their relationship,” Charania said in his article. “But James has made a habit of keeping his options open for most of his storied career, and this time around will be no different.”

If there’s one person who knows how to play up the dramatics in an off-season move, it’s LeBron James. Regardless of whether or not he re-signs with the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s going to be a major story.

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