Draymond Green’s Controversial Jalen Brunson Statement Goes Viral

The New York Knicks are one win away from eliminating the Philadelphia 76ers and advancing in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Star guard Jalen Brunson has grown into one of the best guards in the NBA, and is looking to lead New York to a title this season.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green spoke very highly of Brunson, but made a controversial comment, saying he isn’t sure if the Knicks star can be the best player on a championship team.

“The conundrum that I’ve been kinda caught in and dealing with on Jalen Brunson – jury is still out,” Green said. “Again, I got nothing but love and respect for Jalen Brunson, and love his game and respect his game, but I’m talking about to go to the promised land. Can he be your best player to go to the promised land? I don’t know. But damn is he balling. Gotta give him his credit.”

This post on X (formerly known as Twitter) from New York Basketball has gone viral, accumulating 823,000 views in one day. Knicks fans have understandably pushed back against Green’s skepticism that Brunson can take them all the way, as New York believes their star guard has what it takes to be the best player on a championship team.

Only time will tell with Brunson and the Knicks.

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