Draymond Green Makes unbelievable and Shocking Statement about NBA Super Star

Draymond Green made a statement no one would have expected.
Draymond Green and Rudy Gobert don’t seem to like each other. Throughout his entire career, Green has refused to give Gobert his props – until now.

On the newest episode of The Draymond Green Show, Green made a very surprising statement about the big man. Albeit, Green gave Gobert a very backhanded compliment.

“What Anthony Edwards has taken those guys and done is absolutely amazing,” Green said. “Like, Rudy’s actually not trash anymore. He defends now and ironically, he [already is a] All-Defensive player. But I mean like, when you see him on the switches, he’s up at the level. He’s not just sitting back in the drop no more. When he gets switched onto the guy, it’s like his antennas pop on.”

Green even went a step further, revealing how exactly Gobert has improved. One of the biggest complaints about Rudy Gobert has always been that he could be played off the floor during a small lineup. Green believes those days are done now.

“He is actually impacting winning,” Green said “And he’s actually doing that on the defensive end, whereas opposed to other series, he’s gotten played off the floor. Although Phoenix went small at times to try to get back in the game, there were still times that they played Rudy on Royce O’Neale. Before, if you went five guards, there was no chance Rudy Gobert can play, like zero-percent chance.”

It’s almost poetic that Rudy Gobert finds himself going against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets next. It’s the perfect test to see just how much better Gobert is, and a perfect opportunity to test the Defensive Player of the Year award that he’ll likely win this season.

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