Report: Secret has been expose,TGL reveals new launch date, unique rules for 2025 debut.. click for more details 👇👇

TGL reveals new launch date, unique rules for 2025 debut

iger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s indoor golf league is starting to take shape.

Following a failed launch earlier this year (thanks in part to a collapse of the dome housing the league), TGL officially has a target start date for 2025, the league announced Monday morning. Additionally, TGL shared a few of the rules that will be used for the first-of-its-kind simulator league.

Here’s everything we know:

TGL will make its debut just after the new year with the first competition scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 7. The competition will air on ESPN and ESPN+ in primetime in the U.S. with six teams led by PGA Tour stars. The league has matches scheduled for the first three Tuesdays of January during ESPN’s busiest month of the year. CC

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