Tiger Woods ‘Former agent begins in the worst relationship with golf

The first South Vanto-Hulf Hughes Norton represented Tiger Woods in the first two years since he became his expert.

The first agent Tiger Woods Hughes Norton criticized his previous client’s social skills, despite having never talked to 15 big winners since he was fired.

Hughes represented Woods within two years of summer 1996, and their official relationship began with the fact that 20 -year -old soccer players were professional. He first met Woods and his father, Earl, who he hired as a junior talent scout at IMG seven years ago.

This super agent had been working for a particularly famous golfer for 11 years and called Greg Norman a client. Hughes scored a record endorsement deal early in his relationship with Woods, but his firing soon led to a lawsuit from IMG and he never worked with him again.

Woods remained with the sports agency and is now represented by continuing agent Mark Steinberg. But Hughes was sworn to secrecy for 10 years as part of his largesse and could not compete with the company.

Although he never returned to this work, he talks about this period in his recently published memoir, The Rainmaker. Hughes didn’t hide his memories of his breakup with Woods.

“Honestly, the worst part was that there was no explanation,” Norton told Today’s Golfer. “It’s strange the way Tiger breaks up with people in his life: his caddy, his girlfriend, his manager. You can sit down with Tiger today and say, ‘What do you remember from 25 years ago, and why?’ I wish I had a bath. “You never let me know that something was wrong or that you were unhappy.” That was so hard to swallow, it makes me feel betrayed. , “It was very disingenuous to say ‘see you again’ after such a short period of time.”

Hughes added: “Tiger was incredibly self-centered. From a young age, he was focused on just one thing: becoming the greatest golfer in the history of the sport.

“He was pretty selfish. Only his needs mattered.” He never learned how to interact with people, so he lacked any sense of empathy. » A former agent confirmed that, recalling that while announcing the news, “Tiger stood there expressionless, like a zombie.”

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