Tiger Woods’ path to the 2024 U.S. Open is clear, but we’re stunned by his chances of winning.

Tiger Woods has repeatedly been unable to overcome the intensity of injuries. The 15-time major champion suffered a similar fate at the 2024 Masters Tournament. Despite starting well there and playing very well in the second round, Woods finished last at 16 under par due to physical problems. Triggered by repeated trauma. Interestingly, he is currently ranked 789th in the OWGR, but the three-time U.S. Open champion has a special exemption from the USGA. Woods immediately accepted the attractive offer and will play in the 124th tournament in June. But what are the chances of him winning? Zero. Here’s why:

Tiger Woods’ traumatic past won’t allow him to win at Pinehurst

In our opinion, the 48-year-old is unlikely to add a fourth US Open title to his record (at least not this year). The fan-favorite golfer continues to battle an injury sustained more than a decade ago. Additionally, his 82nd win on the PGA Tour is still suffering from the effects of a February 2021 car accident that injured his leg, particularly around the ankle. Because of this, he began to resort to “religious daily cold water immersion” in hopes of curing his condition of “extreme illness” and taking action.

In addition to his chronic illness, there has been a long streak of special advantage holders failing to reach the heights of success at this major championship. In the history of the U.S. Open, with special exceptions, only one golfer who entered the course has ever won. Hale Irwin won in 1990. But with the exception of Irvine, this tournament has historically seen a number of special exempt players sit out or withdraw. Even if these players are on the list, they will either finish the ranking or fall out of the top. In fact, out of 124 episodes, only five finished in the top 10 in special elimination. So it’s clear that history appears to be against Woods as he looks to make a comeback in June. What’s worse is that Woods didn’t live up to some of the high expectations his close friends had for him in the first major of the season. Norta Begay III, a close friend of the GOAT, was convinced that Woods had plans for more than just going to the Masters. It was half true that Woods was getting better and better results at Augusta National Golf Club, but it was far below what Begay and others in the golf world expected from him.

Woods, who was unable to fulfill his promise to play once a month during the 2024 season, appears to be doing his best to play at least his best golf in all four majors this season. However, all his attempts seem to be in vain as fate continues to present him with real challenges. But what is the one goal that keeps the five-time Masters champion persevering despite the obstacles he faces? Tiger Woods’ desperate attempt to ‘ruin’ Sunday Red logo

“My goal is to mess up the logo. I want to keep messing up the logo,” Tiger Woods said on the Today show Wednesday morning. The logo for his clothing brand, Sunday Red, now has 15 stripes, each representing the major champ’s 15 victories. Woods remains determined to play one tournament a month for the rest of the season and the remaining three majors, seemingly constantly trying to break out of the cycle of failure. But recent trends suggest that if Woods has any chance of overcoming his ongoing struggles, he will likely match the two-time Augusta champion Scottie Scheffler, who currently dominates the golf world. Woods seemed surprised as he talked about his perfect performance. “There’s something special about (the flight of the ball), it’s very consistent. It’s just that if you hit a decent shot, you can win. If he’s a hard hitter, he crushes pitches. If you’ve had a bad week at golf, he claims. He’s a really good hitter,” Woods said. The 48-year-old is certainly aware that he will face stiff competition in the coming months. However, it is still unlikely that he will add another element to the brand logo. Do you think so too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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