Tiger Woods talks about the sacrifices he made when his daughter started hating golf

In sports families, legacies are often passed down from generation to generation. LeBron James is trying to do the same with Bronny and Bryce. Ken Griffey Sr. did the same with his son, and both went on to legendary careers. The same goes for Vladimir Guerrero Sr., Della Curry, Mannings, Earnhardts, and Tkachuks. Golf royalty belongs to Tiger Woods. His son, Charlie Woods, is building his own legacy on the PGA Tour. But the multiple Masters winner has a daughter named Sam Woods who isn’t too interested in following in his footsteps.

Sam Woods has been a golfer his whole life. His father was at the peak of his career, winning countless rounds on the PGA Tour and taking annual trips to Augusta. So he got another chance at the Masters. However, she has no intention of following her father or her brother. Tiger Woods explained why this happened during a recent appearance on the Today Show.

“I think she has a negative view of golf because at the time, when she was growing up, golf took her father away from her. I had to pack up, I had to leave, I was gone for weeks, and it had a negative connotation. So we’ve developed unique relationships and understandings that go beyond golf, and we’re active outside of golf,” said the PGA Tour legend. Tiger Woods continues to support his daughter, and so does she. It was Sam who inducted his father into the World Golf Hall of Fame. She also told some funny and touching jokes during the ceremony.

She said: “I didn’t know if you were going to come back on two legs. Now, not only are you about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but you’re here on your own two feet. That’s why you deserve it. You are a fighter and you always take on the odds,” she said.

tiger woods and his children

That doesn’t mean Sam isn’t interested in golf. The Masters winner invited his daughter to be his caddy for the PNC Pro-Am Championship. She also makes sure to be close to her father during her PGA Tour events and other sports events. However, she practiced soccer more than any other physical activity. Tiger Woods supports her efforts.

His other child, Charlie Woods, is more passionate about his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. He really enjoyed being a pro, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t face some challenges.

“Meanwhile, my son and I are doing everything golf-related. That’s completely different. he is 15 years old. This is what happens — this is what teenagers go through,” Woods said. “They’re trying to find their place in the world,” he says. There can be a clear contrast between Sam and Charlie Woods’ interests. But one thing is certain. Their father is always there to help them at each stage.

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