Breaking news:Tiger Woods has decided schedule for next three months after Masters appearance

After making his 26th appearance at the Masters in April, Tiger Woods has revealed plans to play at three more majors within the next three months. The golfing icon is ‘hopeful’ it will work out, after complaining he’s “sore” after competing at the Augusta National.

Woods has excited golf fans after vowing to be at three more majors, as taking part in one competition per month is still in his plans. “The next three months, I have three majors and hopefully that’ll all work out,” Woods said on Tuesday during an appearance on The Today Show.

The 48-year-old made history at Augusta as he made the cut for the 24th consecutive time, proving that class is permanent even though he ended up finishing with the highest score in his career. “It’s consistency, it’s longevity, and it’s an understanding of how to play this ff course,” Woods said of the Masters record.

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