Public disgrace:Mark Jackson Dismisses Idea Of Jalen Brunson Being The Greatest Knicks Player Since Walt Frazier

Public disgrace:Mark Jackson Dismisses Idea Of Jalen Brunson Being The Greatest Knicks Player Since Walt Frazier

Charles Oakley’s bold claim that Jalen Brunson is the greatest Knick since Walt Frazier, surpassing even legends like Patrick Ewing, has sparked controversy and disbelief, particularly among Knicks faithful and former players like Mark Jackson. 

“We love Oak…but Oak made Jalen Brunson’s greatest New York Knicks basketball player since Clyde Frazier. Time out. Are you kidding me? I love you Oak, but what are we doing? Let me introduce you to the greatest, not just since Clyde Frazier, the greatest New York Knicks basketball player of all time.”

“That includes everybody. You include everybody that ever played in the blue and orange and you put them on the draft board, the number one pick is Patrick Ewing.”

Oakley’s assertion came after the Knicks’ recent playoff successes led by Brunson, who has undeniably been a pivotal figure in the team’s resurgence. However, to suggest that Brunson has already surpassed the likes of Ewing, one of the greatest players in Knicks history, is a stretch.

Mark Jackson, in response to Oakley’s statement, expressed his disbelief on his show, emphasizing Ewing’s unparalleled impact on the franchise. Jackson reminded Oakley and listeners alike that Ewing’s legacy as a Knick is unmatched, pointing out Ewing’s 15-year tenure with the team and his numerous accolades, including 11 All-Star selections and leading the franchise in multiple statistical categories.

Ewing’s arrival transformed the Knicks, leading them to multiple playoff appearances and deep postseason runs throughout the 1990s. Despite falling short of an NBA title, Ewing’s contributions to the Knicks cannot be overstated, cementing his status as an all-time great in the franchise’s history.

While Jalen Brunson’s impact on the Knicks has been significant and his potential is promising, it’s premature to place him above a player of Ewing’s caliber. Ewing’s longevity, consistency, and statistical dominance over his tenure with the Knicks set him apart and solidified his place as the greatest Knick of all time.

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