Tiger Woods begins PGA Championship plans after confirming schedule plans

After making history at the Masters, Tiger Woods returns to Valhalla Golf Club for his second major tournament of the year, preparing to play in the PGA Championship for the first time in two years.

Tiger Woods will be at Valhalla Golf Course earlier this week on a scouting mission ahead of the PGA Championship.

Woods, 48, won the title four times between 1999 and 2007 and holds the distinction of being a former co-winner of Player of the Year. Valhalla’s second success came in 2000 when they defended their playoff title against Bob May. Eight years later, the Ryder Cup was held there, but Woods did not play because he was recovering from knee surgery. The PGA returned to the Jack Nicklaus-designed course in 2014, when Rory McIlroy won his fourth and final major championship. Woods missed the cut, missing his third consecutive round of 74, and missed the weekend. Ten years later, Woods will be looking for a spot for his fifth major win on Monday, according to TWlegion. This trip came a week after play began, all but confirming that he would play in his 106th tournament. Woods left Oak Hill last year after undergoing surgery on his right ankle a month later. He played at Southern Hills last year but withdrew after the third round due to pain. During an appearance on American Today’s Morning Show last week, Woods revealed his plans for the upcoming schedule. “I will be working on three specialties over the next three months, and I hope everything goes well,” he said on May 1. Take advantage of what he did at Augusta. And is he competitive in the third game? If he’s competitive in the third game, he’ll probably be competitive in the fourth game. This is a kind of progress in your work.

Nicklaus also said, “Tiger can still play. Obviously he’s not playing as well as he used to, but I think a lot of that has to do with his physical issues.

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