University of Chicago ends negotiations with pro-Palestinian camp organizers

Some teachers plan to speak out in support of the protests.

The University of Chicago has ended negotiations with pro-Palestinian protesters after consideration by some professors… read more

CHICAGO (WLS) — The University of Chicago has ended negotiations with organizers of a pro-Palestinian camp.

At the same time, a group of teachers plans to announce their support for the protesters on Monday morning. Our team of more than 120 faculty and staff encourages administrators to continue to respect free speech on campus.

They are calling on university leaders to uphold their commitment to free speech and campus safety and not allow police action against student protesters. Teachers said they would protect students’ safety if administrators tried to expel them.

“We know we are in the majority on campus, and people will continue to go out and fight,” said Andrew Basta, a pro-Palestinian protester at the University of Southern California. This happened after clashes on Friday between anti-student demonstrators and demonstrators occupying the courtyard.

Subsequently, the university president declared that the continuation of the camp was impossible. But how and when the University of Chicago plans to intervene remains unknown.

The teachers said they were ready to be arrested along with the protesting students.

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