Unlike Caitlin Clark, Nika Muhl Loves Fever Star’s WNBA Problem: “Honestly, I Had No Idea”

Unlike Caitlin Clark, Nika Muhl Loves Fever Star’s WNBA Problem: “Honestly, I Had No Idea”

Caitlin Clark enjoyed an impressive pre-season debut for Indiana Fever which saw her “effect” in full swing. But she also received a reality check about how the WNBA will be much more physical compared to college basketball. It is the one aspect she said she will have to adjust. On the other hand, former UConn PG Nika Muhl is relishing the challenge of WNBA’s physicality.

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In a recent media interaction, the Seattle Storm player was asked about the difference between the two leagues, and her answer reflected how she is looking forward to what lies ahead.

Nika Muhl “very excited” for WNBA’s tough challenge

Muhl talked about the differences and dived in-depth into the temperament of her new coach Noelle Quinn. And this gave fans an inside view of the WNBA. The 23-year-old was drafted by the Seattle Storm as the 14th overall pick. Muhl is known for her aggressive defense which sometimes leads to more fouling. Of course, the relief for Muhl is that she can use her physicality in defense more often than she did in the NCAA.

“The difference, ooh! They’re physical. Much more physical, much more contacts allowed, which I like… I like that a lot. Six fouls, honestly? I had no idea that… that is the case. So, I’m like okay. I’m very excited about that,” Nika Muhl gushed. WNBA calls out fouling out after five personal fouls, hence Muhl will have some breathing space in that aspect. For Clark adjusting to the physicality of the league will be a bigger challenge.

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