A humble team player: Andrea Stella ends her career with her first win as a coach

Andrea and his Stella celebrate their first victory as team leader. It’s the journey and approach of a quiet leader who has accomplished many things differently.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown was in a complete panic in the command post, but team principal Andrea Stella calmly accepted his blessing. Moments later, as Game 1 winner Lando Norris was greeted by his team at an indoor park, the party-loving Brown was swaying, jumping and charging. However, the leader of Stellar Group chose to remain in the shadows. When Norris finally noticed him and approached him, the Italian simply stood proudly in front of the Englishman with his arms outstretched, just like his father.

Then he gently hugged the golden boy and whispered a few words into his ear over the commotion. As you can see from Norris’ reaction, they were probably as emotional as Stella was to Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari command post.

“It’s one of the most beautiful things, one of the most beautiful things. We are very proud of you,” the Italian, who was Alonso’s race engineer at the Reds at the time, said on radio. A voice from the cockpit brought a few tears of joy to the wall of the stand. This was Stella’s moment to truly announce herself to the general public in the field of F1. Twelve years later, the team is joined by someone who worked as performance engineer for Michael Schumacher throughout his nearly quarter-century F1 career and followed Kimi Raikkonen’s rise as performance engineer before Alonso joined McLaren in 2015. Ta. We have reached a major milestone. . 。 。 First victory of his career as a team leader.

The 53-year-old from Orvieto, Umbria, will replace German Andreas Seidl in the traditional spot for the 2023 season, as the Bavarian player has decided to take part in Audi’s next appearance following a call-up from his home country. He will play a role. He will take over the reins of the Woking team. 2026. Be prepared to be clean. A tireless worker, Stella has grown accordingly, and together with a qualified aeronautical and aerodynamics engineer, McLaren has taken another step towards becoming a regular player in the first team. “She’s the best,” Brown said of Stella.

McLaren CEO Stella Brown praised the Italian after the victory in Miami, saying: “He’s the best.” Brown praised his leadership skills: “He listens, he communicates, he thinks, he works hard and he demands high performance. »This applies to everyone in the factory. Now, everything is falling to the predetermined position. According to Brown, Stella’s influence cannot be overstated. “That changed everything,” Sky American says of the beginning of the year. “We have made some changes. Andrea has owned and he has done incredible work. Try everyone’s concentration. Technical director David Sanchez left the team after a short period of time, but Stella quickly took over and became the team’s de facto leader. “He leads by example,” Brown added. “There’s nothing better than being with him.”

What sets Stella apart is her humility, especially when she achieves great success: “My thoughts are with the men and women of McLaren. I know the work that includes it. Lando deserves it, like the McLaren team. I hope everyone enjoys this moment,” the team leader said. You always put others first. That’s why we dedicate this victory to former McLaren sporting director Gilles de Ferran. Ends in 2023. Focus on Stella: “Actually 850 people”

Stella describes her role as follows: “For me as a team leader, a win is a team win. My role is to serve and represent the team. In reality, one person can see 850. My thoughts, my heart and my head are here because I know the work we did 15 months ago to make a difference. »

McLaren then had a very poor start to the season and Stella’s tenure. If Norris wins in Miami on Sunday, those concerns will be allayed. “It’s a combination of effort, quality and quantity. What I like most is the quality of the engineers, technicians, operators and mechanics,” Stella praises the team. “We call this an all-out effort, and this is a great achievement.As a team leader, I want to say this right now: If you don’t lead the right people, you won’t get very far. “,” congratulated the Italian player.

He had no doubt that McLaren could do it. He said: “We have seen very promising developments, especially in the field of aerodynamics. As the department has grown, we have been able to start improving the aerodynamic efficiency of our wind tunnels and simulators. »

Stella studied with Schumi, Alonso and Raikkonen

“We had plans, we had promises and commitments, but most of all we had faith,” says Stella. She said: “As I went through each department, I could see that there was talent at McLaren. “They know their jobs and their business. We just need to encourage them.”

What was especially important to him was establishing and maintaining an open culture at McLaren: “There are no turf wars at McLaren, just cooperation. A common approach to performing and giving people space. This happened 12 months ago. And now it’s paying off. Ultimately, Stella made the most of these leadership qualities in his F1. When he shared the podium with Alonso at Valencia in 2012, he had two other graduates, Schumacher and Raikkonen, and a total of 10 world champions alongside him. champion title. If Stella says it’s the best time for her career.

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