Breaking news 🚫🚫 Kirk Cousins supposedly cleared out Vikings since of arrange to draft his substitution 

The Atlanta Falcons made the greatest sprinkle of free office this offseason when they marked former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins to a four-year, $180 million contract. Why did Cousins choose to take off Minnesota after six seasons? There were allegedly one or two of reasons. 
For one, the Birds of prey were willing to ensure more cash for Cousins, but the Vikings’ draft arrange also reportedly played a portion in Cousins trying to find a unused home. Per, the Vikings were up front with Cousins approximately the plausibility of selecting a quarterback tall within the draft — indeed on the off chance that he chosen to stay in Minnesota. What’s unexpected is that Cousins’ unused group stunned the NFL world by taking quarterback Michael Penix Jr. at No. 8 by and large.
Cousins, who turns 36 before long and is coming off a torn Achilles, allegedly was grateful with how the Vikings were legitimate with him approximately their arrange. Minnesota took the fifth quarterback of the draft at No. 10 generally with Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy. It’s clear Cousins was searching for a circumstance where he would be the set starter for more than a season, but more weight has been put on him by his modern establishment after the Hawks utilized a beat 10 choose on a rookie quarterback who turns 24 this week. 

Cousins supposedly had no thought the Hawks were planning to take a quarterback at No. 8 overall — a choice which cleared out him “stunned” and “disappointed,” according to NFL Media. Whereas Cousins did sign a four-year contract, it gets less demanding for Atlanta to urge out of the bargain in two a long time. When will the Falcons’ brass need to turn the page beneath center? That’s a address we are going be inquiring until it in the long run happens. 

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