Lawyer dies while trying to calm McDonald’s angry customer = Texas authorities

Jeffrey Rimmer’s sister said her brother was one who spent his career helping others and “fighting for the little guy.” …see more
HOUSTON — A Texas lawyer was shot to death this weekend outside a McDonald’s restaurant on Houston’s west side while trying to calm a customer who was angry about his order, detectives said.

Houston Police Department patrol officers responded to a shooting at 8147 Katy Freeway around 6 p.m. Saturday. Detectives said the customer became angry with employees over his order and demanded a refund. When the victim, Jeffrey Rimmer, 46, tried to calm him down, the customer turned his attention to Rimmer. Detectives said the fight started outside and Rimmer pushed the customer to the ground. The customer then allegedly walked to his car, pulled out a gun, shot Rimmer, and fled the scene in an early 2000s blue Ford pickup truck, Houston sister station ABC13 reported. I had a conversation with Her parents said they were attending their daughter’s graduation ceremony when they heard the shocking news.

“He loved his family and friends passionately,” Thomas said. “I’m always laughing, joking, and just loving life.”

Her sister said Rimmer lived near a McDonald’s and she often went there. He played quarterback on the Memorial High School football team and was an outfielder on the baseball team. Rimmer attended the University of Texas and later graduated from South Texas College of Law.

He worked as an attorney at a Houston law firm and dedicated his entire career to helping others, according to his sister. So it was no surprise that detectives said he did it in his final moments. \”Knowing Jeff, he always says, \’Calm down.\’ \’It\’s not that bad,\’ and that makes a difference,\” Thomas said. “He always wanted to fight for this little guy and do the right thing.”

As police search for the shooter and Rimmer’s family waits for justice, his sister said she is proud of Rimmer for standing up for what she believes is right. . “The Good Samaritan is trying to do the right thing and keep McDonald’s employees out of this situation,” Thomas said.

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