Tiger Woods will play the PGA Champions Tour in a cart due to injuries

Tiger Woods will play the PGA Champions Tour in a cart due to injuries

A couple of years ago, Tiger Woods reiterated his refusal to play a tournament in a golf cart. However, after his considerable problems with injuries, Paul Brdoadhurst assured that the former world number one will have to use a buggy to play the PGA Champions Tour .

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Broadhurst has two second places on the PGA senior tour in the United States, and his earnings have just reached $728,000, all thanks to the Champions Tour rules allowing him to play tournaments in a golf cart.

Last year, PGA officials granted the player a waiver to use the buggy. The English golfer can no longer play the 18 holes on foot due to the arthritis he suffers from in one of his ankles, and he needs medication to allow him to walk.

His situation is similar to that of Woods , whose injury history has taken a heavy toll on him in recent seasons. The former world number one has had to withdraw from several of his most recent competitions for health reasons, but Broadhurst said that would not be a problem on the tour for players over 50.

Woods on the senior tour

Broadhurst assured that if he joined the Champions Tour , ” Woods will be able to take a cart, that won’t be an issue for him. He will perhaps be looking forward to playing without walking around.”

At the same time, Broadhurst assured that Tiger would be more than welcome on the veterans tour. “No question. They are really hopeful, and I think he has given out signs that he is more than happy to play once he turns 50 ,” said the 2018 Senior PGA Championship champion.

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