NFL legend Kaitlyn Clark reveals why she was forgiven

NFL legend Peyton Manning said he helped Caitlin Clark adjust to Indianapolis, Indiana, but he only allowed one thing.

She is also a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Manning, a Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, attended the premiere of the documentary series “Full Court Press” about women’s basketball with Clark, according to IndyStar.

The newspaper reported that Manning said he was helping Clark “acclimate to Indianapolis” now that the University of Iowa star is playing for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever. Manning’s production company is producing a documentary, IndyStar reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

Peyton Manning says he ‘gave all of my contact information to Caitlin Clark,’ but she joked he forgot the fact that she was a Chiefs fan

“This is a great place for her to play and I can’t wait to see her.”

Colts legend Peyton Manning said how excited he is to have Caitlin Clark coming to Indiana. Manning said in a video interview published on Page X of the Indiana Fever that he gave Clark his contact information.

“She’s going to love Indianapolis,” Manning said in the video. “I gave him all my contacts at the airport in St. Elmo and my backstage contacts here in Indianapolis. It’s a great place to play. I can’t wait to see it. ”

Furthermore, he added: Like I said, I really enjoyed getting to know Caitlin even more through this episode. Last year, she appeared as a guest on the Monday night show. She’s a Chiefs fan, I forgive her. But she said she grew up watching me play. ”

Peyton Manning appears on the red carpet with Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark will give a preview of her full press on ABC, which will air on May 11th and her presser May 12th.

“You get to see what we do outside of basketball… You get to see a little bit more of our lives… You get to see things that maybe have never been shown before. ” 👀

Manning appeared with Clark on the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary series.

In addition to Clark, the series will also feature basketball players Camille Cardoso and Kiki Rice, the network said. Manning himself put on a show for the women that followed them through the 2023-24 season.

According to WTHR, Clark told the premiere audience, “I had an older brother who played every sport. I just begged to go to his workout, whatever it was. I wanted to be a little girl who could dribble a basketball like the other boys. The first team I played on was all male.

If you want something, you have to make sacrifices for it,” Cardoso said, adding that the “biggest sacrifice” was not having a family. Mr Clark said the documentary series would provide further insight into the players’ lives.

“You can see what we do outside of basketball. 。 。 You can see it a little more in our lives … You will see something you’ve never seen before, “she said
She tells Indystar: “I think there is always a legend of basketball that supports women’s basketball. It’s almost like other sports, and I think it has grown very much.

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