Breaking News.😧 Chicago Cubs Coach Announces Shocking New Strategy: “Nap Time”

In a bizarre move, Chicago Cubs coach David Ross announced today that he’s introducing mandatory nap time for all players during home games. According to Ross, “research has shown” that a quick snooze can improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and overall team morale.

Starting immediately, players will be required to take a 20-minute nap in the dugout during the 5th inning of every game. “It’s all about optimizing performance,” Ross explained. “We’re talking about the most well-rested team in baseball!”

When asked about the logistics, Ross revealed that special “nap pods” will be installed in the dugout, complete with white noise machines and soothing aromatherapy. “We’re creating a sleep-conducive environment to help our players recharge,” he said.

Fans are divided on the new strategy, with some praising Ross’s innovative approach and others questioning the sanity of the move. One thing’s for sure – it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out! #Cubs #NapTime #MLB

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