Warriors’ Draymond Green shockingly breaks Larry Bird shooting mark vs. Bucks.. full details below 👇

Warriors’ Draymond Green shockingly breaks Larry Bird shooting mark vs. Bucks

Golden State Warriors resident enforcer Draymond Green, the creator of the backpack trey, just eclipsed Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird’s career 3-point shooting mark.

Green has made a living on the defensive side of the floor. The hot-tempered Warriors veteran is also known for his bizarre on-court antics and over-the-top reactions. Larry Bird on the other hand is recognized as one of the best shooters to ever live.

In a weird glitch in the Matrix during the Warriors’ win against the Milwaukee Bucks, the 34-year-old forward has now made more career 3-pointers than the Celtics legend, with 650 to Bird’s 649, according to a tweet from NBA Central.

Throughout his 12 seasons, Green has averaged 2.6 shot attempts per game from beyond the arc, maintaining a shooting percentage of 32.0% from that range. He has attempted 2,035 triples in his career.

Meanwhile, Bird enjoyed a 13-season NBA career, attempting an average of 1.9 shots from 3-point range per game and boasting an impressive shooting percentage of 37.6%. He successfully converted 649 of his 1,727 attempted 3-pointers.

Additionally, Bird’s prowess from beyond the arc earned him three consecutive victories in the 3-Point Contest at the All-Star Game from 1986 to 1988.

Between 2018 and the 2021-22 regular season, Draymond Green’s 3-point shooting percentage dipped below 30% after previously demonstrating commendable numbers.

Before this decline in shooting efficiency, the Warriors forward excelled with a 38.8% 3-point shooting percentage during the 2015-16 season. He credited his success to his confidence in his ability to connect on shots from beyond the arc.

This season, Green is averaging 2.4 attempts from 3-point range and boasts an above average shooting percentage of 43.5%.

The game has changed

The current landscape of the NBA emphasizes inflated offensive statistics and encourages players to take more 3-point shots. Over time, the league’s rules have evolved to promote a faster-paced game, with even minor adjustments such as resetting the shot clock after an offensive rebound having a significant impact.

In the modern game, players frequently opt to shoot 3-pointers immediately upon securing an offensive rebound, rather than resetting for a new play. This is why Draymond Green now has more career 3-pointers than Larry Bird, despite the massive disparity in the quality of shooter.

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