Shocking 😳 Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren reunite for new venture

ORLANDO, Fla. – In a surprise move, Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren have announced a new business partnership to launch a luxury wellness resort in the Bahamas.

Dubbed Serenity Cove, the resort will offer premium amenities and programs focused on mindfulness, fitness and nutrition. Woods and Nordegren said in a joint statement that they are “excited to be working together again.” “Our shared passion for wellness and healthy living makes this business a natural fit.”

The resort is scheduled to open in his 2024, with Woods and Nordegren serving as co-owners and creative directors. The sources close to the couple say they have been working on projects for several months, and their updated partnership caused rumors about the possibility of their novels.

Nevertheless, the representatives of the couple argue that accents are concentrated only on the company. Please note that this is completely fiction and is not based on any real news or events.

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