We would probably hang him up” – Larry Bird’s message for Bill Laimbeer on his official night at Boston Garden

We would probably hang him up” – Larry Bird’s message for Bill Laimbeer on his official night at Boston Garden

Bird revealed his true feelings on Bad Boy Pistons Center during his official night at Boston Garden.

During the Larry Bird Night at the Boston Garden only 14,890 fans were fortunate to secure seats for the epic event. The evening was not only significant for the Celtics players and their fans but also attracted various stars, including Magic Johnson. Amidst the presence of his former rivals, the Indiana native was questioned about the absence of Bill Laimbeer, to which he delivered a hilarious response in his trademark fashion.

Bird on Laimbeer’s absence

Steven Riley, the then-Celtics Vice President of Sales for Celtics,
revealed that scalpers were selling tickets for the Larry Bird Night for as much as $500. Moreover, he asserted that these tickets were the most difficult to obtain since Game 7 of the 1984 NBA Finals against the LA Lakers.

Filled with cheers, standing ovations, heartfelt praise, and lighthearted jokes, the event aimed to celebrate the player who instilled a winning culture in the Boston franchise after Bill Russell.

Trying to outwit the three-time MVP as the event commenced, Bob Costas inquired about the message Bird would want to give to his foe – Laimbeer had he shown up on the night.

When asked about his issues with Bill, the two-time Finals MVP emphasized how ‘The Prince of Darkness’ desire to intentionally harm players made him worse than any other player on the Bad Boys Pistons.

“He was one of them guys; when you tried to shoot a jumper, he would try to slide his foot underneath your ankle so you’d twist your ankle,” Bird said.

What’s more, the animosity wasn’t one-sided; the 4-time All-Star also made it clear that he wouldn’t even share a table with the Celtics forward.

Looking at the bad blood between the two franchise legends, it’s safe to say that, fortunately for Laimbeer, it’s for the best he didn’t show up on Bird’s special night. Otherwise, it would have been the perfect opportunity for the 6’9” forward to settle some scores

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