What did Tiger Woods’ girl Sam say amid his Sunday Experts circular?

What did Tiger Woods’ girl Sam say amid his Sunday Experts circular?
We wouldn’t have anticipated anything less from Woods, 46, but by the time he limped off the ultimate green he had a gigantic smile on his
In standard circumstances his end of the week appearing of 78-78 would not have been celebrated but Woods appeared true grit and assurance to induce through. 
How numerous times would you see him chatting, giggling and kidding with a competitor amid a last circular of The Experts as he did with Jon Rahm? 
Woods has over and over said he would not turn up to a major unless he accepted he may really win. But maybe, profound down, Woods might just keep turning up at the huge ones similar to Jack Nicklaus did. 
Both said they would not be ceremonial golfers, but do they truly cruel it?
This was a triumph for Woods and he completely knew it. “Some of the folks know, they’ve seen the pictures,” he said of his right leg. 
There’s no denying that Woods features a skill for shocking us all. Those within the Woods camp will have known the genuine picture of what he has been through. 
Justin Thomas said he was “horrified” when he saw pictures, while Woods included:
“I do not think you get it what it took to urge here.” 
Indeed his adolescent girl, Sam, supposedly was shocked when she observed her father play his last circular. “It’s marvelous, it shouldn’t be happening,” she reportedly told Golf as Woods completed his fourth round. 
In other Woods news, the 15-time major winner has formally committed to The Open Championship at St Andrews this summer. 
He said:
“It’s implied a part to me, and there’s no other put that — well, there’s no other put, no other major that we play within the same venue. St. Andrews is, clearly, close and expensive to my heart since it’s the home of golf, and I’ve been able to win a few of Opens there, but we rotate.”
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