Breaking News: What tour pros really think about Jon Rahm.. full details below 👇

Breaking News: What tour pros really think about Jon Rahm


Although I haven’t achieved fame like winning major tournaments or being featured on magazines, I hold a spot within the world’s top 100 players. Recently, I have been discussing with many other professionals about Jon Rahm, one of our tour’s most well-known stars who departed for LIV Golf.

PGA Tour players have not had personal issues with most of the departures, except for those who attempted to sue the tour. Additionally, doing business with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund was normalized through last summer’s agreement framework. While Rahm’s departure may seem more well-received than previous jumpers from afar, this is not entirely true due to selfish reasons causing many professionals and fans alike wanting a drama-free environment. Many worry that Rahm leaving LIV could prolong division in the sport despite Strategic Sports Group establishing their private-equity investment on both sides’ behalfs; if tensions persist into another summer season it will likely be attributed partly or wholly blame onto Rahm- irrespective of its fairness validity towards him as an individual player within professional golf culture overall .

Rahm violated an unspoken agreement between both parties to refrain from recruiting during the negotiation stage. It appeared that everyone was aware of this, but Jon or his team seemed to think they were exempt from it. Being the best player in the world may have given him a sense of entitlement, but over the past six months tour players had been working together towards a shared goal and straying away from unity was disheartening. When someone diverges for their own benefit at others’ expense it stings deeply.

We reject the idea that Jon believed his abandonment could unite the golf community as if he were a symbol of peace. Let’s be clear, he did not facilitate SSG agreement or have any prospects of reconciling PIF and the tournament. The sole motivation behind this decision was obtaining 500 million dollars – nothing more to it.

Jon unquestionably fell for Phil Mickelson’s pitch. According to a recent admission by Phil, he has become a polarizing figure (and that is putting it mildly). While both Phil and Jon may claim that their decisions were not influenced by each other, I can tell you as a player that we do not believe them one iota. To Jon, Phil isn’t just an acquaintance; he’s family — they’re even represented by the same agency. It is disappointing on every level that Jon couldn’t see through this deception.

However, one thing that doesn’t bother guys in the locker room is Jon going back on his word. Although we are aware of what he said before about having no interest in going to LIV and not caring for more money or the format, him appearing as a flip-flopper or liar is solely his problem rather than ours. It’s nothing out of ordinary because even players from LIV have made similar actions, making it a common occurrence

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