Decoding the secret behind Tiger Woods’ bulging muscles shocked viewers

Tiger Woods is no stranger to controversy. The 15-time major winner has seen it all, from gossip surrounding his dating life to allegations surrounding his alleged use of

“some sort of enhancement type of deal.” Interestingly enough, post-return to the golf world, there have been claims that he looks “all puffed up.” 

Golf world personality Mark Lye even went ahead to accuse the 15-time major winner of a serious case of allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs, or PED,

basing his claims on how his changed appearance could not be due to just some normal vitamins on his 40-some young physique. So what is it that has endowed the bulked-up, muscular look of Tiger Woods?

Why is Tiger Woods looking “all puffed up”?

Back in 2010, Woods was surrounded by a whirlwind of making use of human growth hormone, or HGH, under that time’s controversial Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea.

However, the 82-time PGA Tour denied such allegations of using HGH or “any illegal drug ever, for that matter.” Instead, he revealed that he received platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy from Dr. Galea.

He presented the rationale that “it’s not for longevity; it’s not for healing or for anti-aging.” Woods’s attempts centered around the claim that he was a part of the experimental attempt to use “the concentrated injection, which could mimic the healing process when blood swells around an injury site.”

But what is this procedure after all? Well, it primarily involves a doctor drawing blood and putting it in a centrifuge to separate the blood’s plasma (which contains platelets) from the red blood cells. They then inject the solution back into the patient’s injury. A recent study cited in the Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, more than a decade after Woods’s revelation, has brought forth the fact that this is true. However, there might be an additional layer of twist to this.

According to the study, not only does PRP enhance muscle recovery and regeneration after injury, but it could also potentially increase the muscle fibers’ diameter. This could, in turn, mean more muscle growth and strength gains for those who use this treatment.

Thus, it is possible that, apart from Woods’s intense workout regime, his age-old PRP can be one of the reasons an ailing Woods is looking “all puffed up.” Therefore, it is safe to say that his bulked-up look is the result of his intense attempts at recovery and potential delivery on the promise of performing one event a month in the days to come.

What makes this more interesting is that the WADA removed PRP from the list of prohibited intramuscular injections of PRP in 2011. So it is now acceptable to administer PRP injections. But what about Tiger Woods’s plan for the rest of the season after making a successful 24th cut at the 2024 Masters and registering his name in the books of history once again?

Tiger Woods’s resolve to add another stripe to his Sunday Red logo

In a recent promotion interview on the Today Show on Wednesday, the 48-year-old revealed that he plans to keep changing and remaking his present fifteen-striped logo. How? Well, the golfer plans to add a 16th stripe to his pathbreaking brand’s controversial logo this season.

For the same reason, the plans are to successfully partake in all three majors left in the 2024 season. While he is expected to be a part of the field for the upcoming PGA Championship at the Valhalla Golf Club, he has already confirmed his presence at the US Open after receiving a special exemption from the USGA.

However, his health hurdles are expected to be his undoing as per the past two outings he has made since his return at the Genesis Invitational and the 2024 Masters. The newfound PRP therapy might bring him some relief from his pre-existing conditions. However, it is not a sure-shot guarantee. At the moment, it remains tough for Woods to fulfill his dream of a 16th stripe or major. But, miracles do happen. Only time can tell if the 82-time PGA Tour winner’s possible future success is part of God’s plan or not.

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