‘I’m tired of this’: Lewis Hamilton gives interesting insight into his mindset after almost three years without a win

Lewis Hamilton has given some interesting insight into his mindset after almost three years without a win in F1. The driver dominated the sport from 2014 to 2020. It was during the turbo-hybrid era that Mercedes introduced its revolutionary V6 turbo-hybrid powertrain.

From 2014 to 2021, Mercedes won the constructors’ title. Hamilton himself had an overwhelming run of results, winning six world titles during this period, making him the most successful driver in F1 history, but in controversial circumstances Hamilton lost the title to Max Verstappen, leaving the United Kingdom behind. The era of turbo hybrids is over for humans. 2021. At this point, Mercedes’ dominance in the sport ended and Red Bull and Verstappen took over. Lewis Hamilton has not made much progress since 2022, when the ground effects era began. His 15-year streak of winning at least one race every season ended in 2022. He has now decided to change teams and join Ferrari. Appearing on CBS News on the eve of the Miami F1 GP, Lewis explained how a new era has unfolded for him. He said:

“It was tough, it was a real challenge. It may be even worse. It was really a migration period when the group had many team connections and very low points. There’s been a lot of vulnerability within the team with all of us and it’s really been a growing experience.\”

He added:

“It’s been tough of course, we exist to win. When you’re not winning, your perspective has to shift, and it’s just then been about chasing and it’s about improvement. It’s about coming together. How can we improve? How can we get back to where we want to be? And I had a really fun experience with everyone. But after three years, we decided, “I’ve had enough. Let’s go back to our own place.”

Lewis Hamilton wanted the 2024 F1 season to be the best yet with Mercedes

Asked if he wanted the 2024 F1 season to be his best yet with Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton nodded, saying it was the most painful. The team worked hard to improve and resist, but without success. Lewis Hamilton talked about his disappointment that he could not tell the team the best parting.

“I am doing it, but this is probably the most painful part. Everyone is in the team, they want a wonderful year. Everyone worked so hard. This whole trip was very emotional for me. It’s just that I love this team so much.

he added:

“I’m not going to leave because I don’t feel comfortable there. I’m not going to quit because of interpersonal issues. Mercedes has supported me since I was 13 years old. They were with me no matter what. ”

Lewis Hamilton will sign the final contract of his career with Ferrari in 2025. The F1 legend has had a glittering career, but it is no exaggeration to say that his longevity in the sport will depend on the success or failure of his project with the Italian team.

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