In numbers: Top 10 longest waits for first win in F1 history

Lando Norris took his long-awaited first F1 victory at the Miami Grand Prix, marking his 110th F1 appearance. Even if the British driver had to hold out until he got his first win, other drivers had to wait even longer to reach the top of the podium. Hear some names below…

10: Mika Hakkinen – 96 races – First victory at the 1997 European Grand Prix.

It may be surprising to see a two-time world champion’s name on this list, but Hakkinen’s first victory actually came just a year before he won his first title. . The Finn made his F1 debut with Lotus in 1991, moved to McLaren in 1993 and was finally aiming for victory in 1997. The nine lap of the Hakkinen campaign seemed to be toward his first victory in the Grand Prix -he resigned leadership in the 52nd circle 59 engine failure in the British Grand Prix.

His expectations were followed before sherry before sherry before the season. This race is well known for the inconsistent conflict between Jacques Vilneum and Michael Schumacher, but was the first victory scene in Khakkinin’s sports at the time of the 96th departure. Hakkinen’s first victory was at the 1997 European Grand Prix.

8=: Lando Norris – 110 races – first win at 2024 Miami Grand Prix

Norris has been highly praised in F1 since joining the sport from McLaren in 2019. The 19-year-old Norris has grown in confidence as his career has progressed, making more pit appearances in 2021 after making his podium debut in 2020. It was this year that he was very close to his first victory, it seemed that he had already achieved a victory at the Russian Grand Prix. However, further rain in the closing stages forced Norris to take the risk of ending up on the track with slippery tires, a decision which did not pay off. He eventually had to stop for the intermediates and finished the race in seventh place.

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