The Lakers plan to sign Starr “for as long as he wants.”

Bronny James has struggled in his first NCAA season, and it shows in his stats. This not only provokes criticism, but also questions about his level and potential, which the former Lakers player does not share at all. It has always been impossible for him to avoid the gaze of the NBA community every time he steps on the court. As the eldest son of LeBron James, Bronny has always been the subject of certain expectations from fans who have been waiting for him to join his father’s league. However, his first season as an NCAA player has recently ended, but not everything was planned for him.

Certainly, his USC Trojan team showed only 15 to 18 poor balance sheets, but the young rear did not seem to really find his place. Titulaire à seulement 6 reprises sur les 25 matchs auxquels il a pris part, il n’affichait que de faibles moyennes de 4.8 points (36.6% au tir, 26.7% à 3pts), 2.8 rebonds et 2.1 passes décisives par match. Un niveau de performance qui en a dès lors déçu plus d’un. Bronny James defended Metta World Peace Fund
Before entering college, Bronny James was considered a potential top-10 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. He now does not even appear in the predictions of experts and is even invited by celebrities to spend an extra year at university. In this delicate situation, Metta World Peace recently expressed its support to TMZ Sports.

Bronny is a new student. Many people talk about statistics, but tell us about a freshman who on average scored only 4-5 points and had no chance to become a professional again. First year numbers are first year numbers. I think he has a chance to be a very good playmaker. An up-and-coming playmaker. Maybe there will be an All-Star too!

Metta World, who won his NBA championship with the Lakers in 2011, also had the honor of being named an All-Star during his career. Therefore, he knows what it takes to win such an award and believes Brony has the qualities to follow in his footsteps, if only observers give him time. At the moment, it is true that the promising player has already shown good defensive qualities suitable for the upper echelons.

After an ignominious first season in the NCAA, Bronny James is trying to turn away from the criticism. In any case, he can count on Metta World Peace to support him and continue to believe in him.

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