The PGA Tour received a reminder of what they’ve lost when Tiger Woods and others rejected Rory McIlroy.

This week, Rory McIlroy’s aspirations to rejoin the PGA Tour policy board were dashed as several of his fellow players, Tiger Woods included, objected to his return.

Eddie Pepperell lamented the absence of Rory McIlroy from the PGA Tour’s policy board, describing it as a “shame” that McIlroy’s return was thwarted by opposition from players, including Tiger Woods. McIlroy, who had previously resigned from the board amidst the PGA Tour’s conflict with LIV Golf, had expressed interest in rejoining as a player director.

However, reports surfaced indicating that prominent members such as Woods, Jordan Spieth, and Patrick Cantlay were against McIlroy’s comeback. This development marks a setback for McIlroy, who found himself entangled in the PGA Tour’s internal politics despite his desire to contribute in an official capacity.

Pepperell’s sentiments reflect a broader disappointment within the golfing community over the hurdles faced by McIlroy in his efforts to play a more active role within the Tour’s governance structure.

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