What Tour pros really think of Jon Rahm

I’m not a star – I don’t have big wins or magazine covers – but I’m one of the top 100 players in the world. Over the past couple of months, I’ve spoken to many rank-and-file colleagues about one of the biggest stars on our tour who left for LIV Golf: Jon Rahm. PGA Tour players have never had any personal issues with guys who left (except for the ones you know who tried to shut the tour down). Additionally, the PGA Tour normalized its business relationship with LIV’s backer, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, when it entered into a framework agreement last summer. From a distance, you’d think Ram’s move to LIV was better received by his peers than by former jumpers. The truth is, not really. The reason most men get angry is our selfishness. Like many fans, tour professionals are hoping for an end to this drama. Many of us believe Rahm’s departure will extend that divide, and now that the tour benefits from private investment in a strategic sports group, both sides feel they have an advantage. We didn’t want this to drag on until next summer, and if it continued, Ram, rightly or wrongly, would be blamed. Ram deciphered the unwritten code. At the time of the negotiations, both sides had a hands-off approach to recruiting, and perhaps I was naive, but everyone seemed to understand that. It’s as if John (or his team) thinks it’s more than just relaxing. One might argue that as the best player in the world, John probably shouldn’t be lumped in with us. But, well, if there’s been anything over the last six months, it’s a sense that the players on tour have come together for a common purpose. If a man separates from the herd and actively harms this, it will burn. I also don’t think John ever imagined that his defection would unite the golf world like a human olive branch. please. He was not the one who led the deal with SSG to the end, nor was he the one who connected PIF to the tour. John did this because he won $500 million. Stop completely.

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