Charles Leclerc warns against signing his own ‘death warrant’ ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari

Former McLaren mechanic Mark Priestley has warned Charles Leclerc that he would be signing his own “death warrant” if he appointed Lewis Hamilton as Ferrari’s main man.

Hamilton will leave Mercedes at the end of the season after struggling for the past three years while racing with the Silver Arrows. A 39 -year -old man is replaced by Carlos’s breasts, and Hamilton and Recrair are prescribed for interesting partnerships in Maranero.

When she started working together next year, we still don’t know who will be the master. But Priestley warned Leclerc he would be signing his own “death warrant” if he allowed Hamilton to attract attention.

“Leclerc is quite experienced now, he has several years of experience under his belt and he is not a rookie,” he told OLBG. “If a driver accepts that he is the second driver in the team, you are signing your own death warrant and you are losing performance because of that.

“Leclerc is due to join the team next year and he thinks he will be better than Hamilton.”

He added: “Formula 1 is a sport where a lot depends on the technique of working with the car, but a big part is the driver’s confidence in his abilities. »

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