NBA player likens teammate to Larry Bird

Most people are surprised by the strength and skill of Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets.

Millions of fans are amazed by Jokic’s performance every game, and they’re not alone. On SiriusXM NBA Radio, Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon called Jokic a “true master” of basketball and compared him to Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird.

“It’s a rally, but bigger, louder and stronger,” Gordon said. Gordon talked about Jokic’s ability to read the court, find his teammates and make plays.

These are some of the qualities that many people often praise when talking about Jokic. Despite being one of the biggest centers in the league, Jokic moves with grace and speed.

He also seems to play every position on the team, passing and shooting like a guard while clogging up the defense and paint like a forward or center. He is big, tall, strong and sometimes unstoppable.

Jokic has been exceptional in the playoffs thus far, averaging 28.2 points in the team’s five games against the Los Angeles Lakers. He also supervised the league in Selection (16.2) and program (9.8).

Now, Yokic should once again show his abilities, similar to birds with a fierce enemy, Minneso Key Timberwrbs. The second round is set to begin on Saturday, and the Timberwolves will likely fight harder than the Lakers.

Jokic will have a lot of responsibilities in the upcoming games. Not only will he have to score a lot, but he will also have to work transparent with his teammates and be the talented general of the soil he is.

Jokic will probably win his third MVP trophy soon and if he continues to play as he did, he could also win his second MVP in the finals.

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