Report:Larry Bird on why ML Carr was his favorite teammate: “He made me a better player”

Larry Bird on why ML Carr was his favorite teammate: “He made me a better player”

NBA legend Larry Bird played with several players with the Boston Celtics that he will never forget. One of them is Michael Leon Carr (M.L. Carr) who Larry Legend admits was one of his favorite teammates. Bird and Carr played together with the Celtics from 1979 to 1985. Both were part of the 1981 and 1984 champion teams.

The 76th pick of the 1973 Draft by the Kansas City-Omaha Kings didn’t get extensive minutes, but Carr did his part in helping players get better and the team as a whole.

“ML Carr, perfect teammate. Best teammate I ever had. No matter if he is sitting on the bench or playing, he’s gonna give everything he’s got,” Bird said in an NBA Uncut interview.

Carr knew how to keep fire burning

Although his playing time and production diminished by 1980, Carr hardly complained. His desire to play remained, and Bird recalls how the former Celtics coach used various ways to challenge teammates to keep the competitive fire burning.

can remember back in the day [Carr was saying], ‘If you don’t wanna play, go and sit down. I wanna play.’ He was sort of a coach… He would have cocky eyes on the floor and demand so you had to play harder to keep this guy from embarrassing you,” the three-time NBA MVP said.

The Perfect Teammate
Even though his playing career dropped when he reached his 30s, Carr’s hunger for playing remained. He showed that desire in team practices, tirelessly being an example to Bird and other Celtics players even if they had played consecutive games. Bird admitted that he became a better player because of Carr’s persona, a reason why he considers him a perfect teammate.

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