NBA is seeing a scoring boom and some wonder if that’s a good thing

NBA is seeing a scoring boom and some wonder if that’s a good thing

There was a week in January unlike almost any other in NBA history. Joel Embiid scored 70 and Karl-Anthony Towns scored 62 one night, followed four days later by Luka Doncic scoring 73 and Devin Booker scoring 62.

That’s four 60-point games in five days — something the league hadn’t seen since 1962. There had been entire decades where the NBA didn’t see that many 60-point outings by players.

That’s just where the state of the league is right now,” said the Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis, one of the top contenders this season for defensive player of the year.

Defense wasn’t really played in the All-Star Game, which explains why the Eastern Conference scored a record 211 points and the game saw nearly 400 points combined on Sunday night. Points couldn’t have been easier to come by.

But in the regular season — although some might dispute this — defense does get played. And points just keep piling up anyway with the NBA on pace to see its highest-scoring season in more than 50 years with teams averaging more than 115 points per game, up about 1% from last year and up a staggering 15.5% from where it was a decade ago.


Rivers, Minnesota coach Chris Finch and others in the league expect that the NBA will try to help defenses next season by allowing them to do a little bit more. It has been discussed at the league level. What that means, nobody really knows for certain.

But many of the rule tweaks in recent years — giving offensive players more freedom of movement is the one most players cite — seem to have made the task of scoring a bit easier.

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