PGA Tour’s “Bad Golf” Legend Ernie Els Invades LIV Golf League

PGA Tour legend Ernie Els invaded the LIV Golf League in an interview with Yellowhammer News, calling it “the wrong kind of golf.”

Els, 54, admitted he was never invited to join the Saudi-funded network and would have turned it down even if he had been. The 19-time PGA Tour winner and four-time major champion told Yellowhammer News:

“No, I don’t have an offer from Livgolf, but I still can’t say yes.” Look, I know some Saudis. They love golf, but he doesn’t like the LIV format right now. Decent golf. That wouldn’t have been possible for me at any stage in my career. ”

Last season, Els slammed many of his young compatriots, such as Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel, players he has coached for years on the European Tour, for being paid large sums of money to join LIV Golf.

Els, nicknamed “The Big Easy” for his smooth action, last year also supervised PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monaghan’s management of the circuit, especially secretly consulting with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). I blamed him for doing so. . The South African told Sports Illustrated last summer.

“If this happened at my peak, he (Monaghan) shouldn’t be here, under any circumstances. And the board of directors also needs to change. You do such a terrible thing, I’m sorry, it’s wrong. Talk to us, tell us what you’re up to and plan a negotiation. Shouldn’t you resign as a board member, come back with an agreement, and assume everyone will agree? You impact people’s lives. You are influencing the professional game. This is so terrible. ”

Almost 12 months later, Els’ position on these issues remains unchanged.

But he hopes the PGA Tour and LIV Golf can resolve “this mess” and improve the professional game. Els told Yellowhammer News:

“Of course, this confusion is not good for our sport, so I hope they can resolve their differences.

“I’ll have to take a look. But the fact remains that in my opinion the LIV golf format is not working, at least not the way they play it now.

“Maybe there is a place in the global schedule for team golf – maybe get a few teams together and have a two-month happy season, so to speak. “But for the rest of the year, let’s play some real golf.”

This week, Els will compete in the Regions Traditions Tournament, the first of five PGA Tour Champions senior events in 2024.

He is on track to earn his first senior degree, just one stroke away by the end of the week.

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