Popular Northern Irish Golfer says he won’t return to PGA Tour policy board after ‘pretty messy’ conversations.

Rory McIlroy revealed on Wednesday that he won’t be making a swift return to the PGA Tour policy board due to what he described as “pretty complicated and pretty messy” discussions. The Northern Irishman, currently ranked world No. 2, stepped down from his role as a player director in November, citing personal and professional obligations. However, he had expressed a readiness to resume his position if desired. Despite talks about filling the vacancy left by Webb Simpson, McIlroy has decided against returning, mentioning discomfort among some board members regarding his comeback.

“There have been numerous discussions,” McIlroy shared with reporters ahead of the Wells Fargo Championship in North Carolina. “The situation became quite convoluted and contentious, reopening old wounds and past grievances. There seemed to be a faction within the board who harbored reservations about my reinstatement, for reasons unclear. In light of this, I believe the prudent course of action is to allow Webb Simpson to complete his term, which extends until 2025.”

McIlroy emphasized that his proposal wasn’t outright rejected but rather faced significant hurdles in the process. He maintained a gracious stance, stating, “It was a complex situation to navigate, and I harbor no ill feelings. It’s time to move forward.” Despite his initial willingness to return, McIlroy now accepts the decision with equanimity.

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