Rory McIlroy destroys Xander Schauffele and everyone else to burn Valhalla

Despite a double bogey on the 72nd hole, Rory McIlroy shot a final-round 65 on Sunday to win the Wells Fargo Championship with a five-stroke lead over Xander Schauffele. Both players reached the turn tied and it appeared to be a close battle to determine the winner of the marquee event until McIlroy easily cruised to his 26th PGA Tour win. Below is the play-by-play log for Sunday’s final nine games. Everything below is written verbatim, starting with his 10th hole at Quail Hollow. Hole 10

For the moment, everything was perfect. At the beginning of the round, Wells Fargo looked very much like a two-man duel, and when heads and aces. it makes us question our own reality – no one else has a chance. As Quail Hollow is fortified, many players are stuck in neutral ground, with Sonjae alone in third place at the start of the day and perhaps the only one with a vaguely realistic chance of joining the battle. Im in the middle of a disaster. There are 4 carts in front of you.

He was the only two remaining candidates, and not only was he deadlocked because he was 13 years younger, but the way the deadlock ended was also dramatic. McIlroy quickly closed the gap with a birdie on the first, but Schauffele hung on and eventually made a brilliant eagle on the virtually undefeated seventh to take a two-stroke lead. Lowry had a disappointing performance, but just as his momentum seemed to be fading, he made birdies on the 8th and 9th holes to tie the score. Now he has a lot of impulse with the crowd on his side, but Shafel should fight the first 10 recent set and some Sunday anemia that he likes to forget without victory. is. Everything seems to be very good for Lolly. Meanwhile, here in Durham, North Carolina, I just finished a frantic cycle of folding clothes and dishes so my wife doesn’t mind leaving me alone to work, and I’m sleeping in the shed for a few hours. mother. Day. My wife is great so it’s not a big deal, but she’s not more than good so I wasn’t all that interested in the pacing of the game…if I didn’t finish in time, at bedtime, we may be in trouble. So here we go… Rory started with his signature bomb on the par 5 10th and went 367 yards despite a poor finish. Alex is way behind him, but they both reach the green zone and say oh, here we go. This is exactly what we want…

…and Rory just buried his 33-foot eagle. Lolly Vintage, be careful! Just before Valhalla, the murderer returns! This also seems to be important, since Schauffele is only 11 feet tall, and Rory’s eagle is a kind of caged rattle, making it very difficult to spin the eagle. He couldn’t make it and had to settle for a birdie as Rory took the lead for the first time of the day. It will be fun.

He also hardly reacts. Just a wave of light, as if all this was expected. The guy is 5 under for the last six holes, and Schauffele misses his par putt and looks like an empty shell. Now that the worst-case scenario above has come true, I’m going to ask the editor if I can put this paper to rest…

… Update, no.

14th hole

With five holes left, I’m now really wondering if Rory will ease off on the gas, make some smart decisions and try to coast off the course. It will make sense, but it would also be a shame, because he really got a little between his teeth right now. We are going to see right now, because the 14th is an achievable PAR-4, but with a great risk due to water on the left. He chose a 3-wood and landed safely in a bunker on the green. Schauffele had more success, hitting a deft 4-wood on the bank and sinking an eagle putt onto the green. Looks like he needs it too.

To put Rory’s round into context, he had 68 players in the field, and he had only 19 of them who finished under par or were currently under par. Rory holds the best record of all players on this day, along with two other players under 5 years old. In other words, Schauffele has never prayed, at least not until now. Schauffele’s eagle try was difficult, and his birdie putt was even worse. A very disappointing par, and one you can already see he’ll want to forget come Sunday again. “It’s like holding an ice pick,” Dottie tells Pepper. This sounds cruel, but it’s also an appropriate visual effect at this point.

Lowry was in perfect form again from 6 feet, giving him another chance for birdie and turning it into a run. Hole 15

If you are a fan of Lolly, you will probably not have made a long pad that is critical for a major in about 10 years. Is it too strong? This opens up a world of possibilities, starting (obviously) next week. The difference between here and there, in addition to the fact that one is an autograph and the other a real major, is that Valhalla features Mr. Scottie Scheffler.
As we approached the final par 5, after Alex hit a shot off the green and made it look like a birdie, Dottie Pepper said, “Remember that,” as if this was going to be a big moment. guess so… Optimistic.

Oh, Rory is delivering an eagle serve out of the sand! This is totally crazy! Two eagles on the back of nine! 8 under for the last 8 holes! He smiles and throws the ball to the crowd, and I believe whoever catches it will have 100 years of good fortune. it is clear.

Meanwhile, Alex finds another fairway but can’t find another green. This seems like a pretty serious problem, especially since it often occurs under pressure.

Rory misses his long birdie putt by about an inch and expresses his disappointment… You should attenuate your cap. The only thing he had to continue here is the record for the tournament. He is currently tied with Windham Clark’s 19 under par last year and has two more chances to reach 20 under.

Let’s give a quick shout-out to Ben Anh, who shot a 66 to take sole third place when it looked like no one else wanted him to. That’s an unbelievable score on a day like this. In fact, this score is the best in the field… except for Rory, who sunk one in the water on the last hole for fun, but it didn’t make it into the record books, and he did a double and his round that day… I still have 65 left. This is his fourth victory at Quail, and here are some stats from the week:

—1st place in SG: Off the Tee
— 2nd place in SG: Approach

  • 4th place in SG: Around the green
    — 8th place in SG: Putting

There are no weak points! He talks to Amanda Balionis and mentions that he has an uncanny ability to do crazy races in Quail and thanks the fans for their support and for watching him grow as a professional.

“It feels like the stars have aligned a little bit,” he says of Valhalla, and we all look to the future with him. It’s easy to get ahead of the curve, especially on a course like this where he’s always excelled, but Rory fans should be optimistic.

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