Should the best golf players consider more permitted pilots, such as Nelli Corda and Scotti Sheffler?

Scotti Sheffler plays the goodbye driver Taylormade Qi10 for the public. mike aman

Question: I saw Nelly Korda using the most forgiving driver possible. I’m a good player with above average swing speed. Should you consider switching to a more forgiving driver?
Answer: There was a time, not too long ago, when the best players in the world gravitated toward the least forgiving drivers with the lowest launch angle and lowest spin that didn’t have a built-in draw bias. Now 2024 has arrived and two of the best players on the planet today, Scottie Scheffler and Nellie Korda, have launched a driver designed for the mainstream (TaylorMade Qi10) in the case of Scheffler and a driver designed for the mainstream (TaylorMade Qi10), in the case of Korda (Qi10 Max). Rory McIlroy, the TaylorMade employee responsible for his total driving on the PGA Tour, also uses his standard Qi10 model rather than his smaller, lower-spin Qi10 LS. Nelly Korda plays in TaylorMade Qi10 Max, which are designed for maximum forgiveness.
andy lyons
A closer look at weekly driver usage on the Pro Tour shows that drivers designed for maximum forgiveness are becoming increasingly popular. Akshay Bhatia and Alex Nolen both used the Callaway Paradim Ai Smoke Max D (tie). Cameron Champ played with his Ping’s G430 Max 10K. Like the Qi10 Max, it has a very high moment of inertia (stability on off-center hits).

Is there anything golfers can learn more advanced and faster here? It’s clear that most professional players are using more stable drivers on off-center shots than before. The reason is not because they decided to stop practicing. What has happened is that driver designs have gotten better. In the past, drivers that were designed to be forgiving often compromised playability due to their size and a center of gravity that was further away from the face and higher to stabilize the head. A higher center of gravity means more spin on every impact, including hard impacts. This is a big disadvantage for fast-hitting players. At moderate speeds, too many effects can cause more than 10 yards of damage to the player.

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