The Unbelievable Secret behind Matthieu Pavon’s unusual Tattoo.


Observant spectators watching Pavon in action might have observed his focus shifting to the 12 words inscribed on his right hand:

“Today’s saliva will be tomorrow’s tears of joy.” This quote, sourced from Harvard University’s library walls, encapsulates the values instilled in Pavon by his parents, Michel and Beatrice. Michel, a former professional footballer in France’s Ligue 1, and Beatrice, a golf instructor in Bordeaux, emphasized the importance of hard work and humility. Pavon, poised to climb to the 34th position in the world rankings, elucidated, “It’s about dedication and modesty.” He elaborated that the physical exertion in training and practice sessions will eventually translate into moments of pride, such as lifting trophies. Recounting how the tattoo aided his mental composure, he reflected, “I revisited those words countless times, particularly during crucial moments on the course. It served as a grounding reminder to focus on the task at hand and strive for excellence in every circumstance.”

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