2024 PGA Championship: Golf Channel analyst calls Jon Rahm’s press release ‘scandalous’ and ‘I wanted to strangle him on TV’

All Tuesday’s PGA Championship matches were canceled due to inclement weather in the Louisville area. This included interviews with players such as Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth that were canceled, sparking a riot at Valhalla’s media hub. Fortunately, literal and content heaven opened up again, forcing the PGA of America to reverse course and get back on track, starting with Woods. Rahm moved on and said that even though he moved to LIV Golf, he still considers himself on the PGA Tour, which raised a few eyebrows. “You keep saying ‘on the other side,’ but disqualification or not, I’m still on the PGA Tour,” Rahm said. “I always want to support the PGA Tour. And I think that’s an important difference.

“I don’t feel like I’m on the other side. I just don’t play there. That is at least for me personally. ”

Rahm went on to explain that he would still have played in the PGA Tour event earlier this season if he had been allowed to do so, and would likely do so in the future if allowed. When Golf Channel returned to “live” after Mr. Rahm’s press release, it became clear that the comments had angered those at the table. Host George Sabarikas opened by saying that Rahm was in a “pretzel state” because he believed he was still a member of the PGA Tour. Paige McKenzie and Golfweek reporter Eamonn Lynch also had strong comments, but no one had more harsh comments on the Spaniard than former Tour winner Aaron Overholser, who said Rahm’s comments were “frustrating”. I did,” he said.

“He doesn’t understand,” Oberholser said. “To this day, he doesn’t understand. From what I understand, this is someone who either wanted a board position or a policy committee position or wanted to be heard. He wanted me to hear about all of this before going to LIV. And it seems to me that it’s not being heard as much as it should be. And now I’m glad I didn’t end up in that position because he didn’t understand it. “As a PGA Tour player, as a PGA Tour member, as someone who is still a PGA Tour member and supports the PGA Tour, I am clearly not happy with what is going on and am outraged by the level of naivety. ” he continued. . “If you don’t understand it, you still don’t understand it. You took 500 big bucks and then you’re going to sit there and tell me, oh, you still feel like you’re on the PGA Tour, I want to support the PGA Tour, and I want… I want say, I wanted to break his neck. through television. I’m so angry right now. I’m very angry. And all the (PGA Tour) players in that locker room would have been furious with him if they saw him.

Rahm will face two PGA Tour players, Rickie Fowler and Cameron Young, on Thursday and Friday, the former of whom said he is “not going anywhere” on the LIV issue but believes it. Told. If the merger goes through, it would provide a path back to the PGA Tour for those who jumped ship. As for Young, he said he was initially very interested in LIV, but ultimately decided to stay on the PGA Tour.

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