McIlroy denies disagreement with Woods over future of the game

McIlroy denies disagreement with Woods over future of the game
Image caption Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are involved in merger talks between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.
Rory McIlroy says there is “no tension” in his relationship with Tiger Woods, but admitted they have different views on the future of men’s professional golf.
The dispute stems from ongoing negotiations over a potential contract between the PGA Tour and Saudi Team LIV Golf. World No. 2 McIlroy has softened his stance on the LIV Tour since he is out, but said he is now a member of a “transactions subcommittee” trying to finalize a deal.
However, McIlroy said Wednesday that he will not return to PGA Tour officials because the situation is “very complicated and confusing.” The Telegraph reported that Woods, a 15-time major champion, voted against McIlroy’s return to the board.
“I think even friends can have disagreements or not see things, and I don’t think so, but sometimes they don’t agree on things, they disagree.” McIlroy said. “I think that’s normal. But no, I don’t say that. Last Friday, we had a very pleasant conversation for 45 minutes about many things. “No, there’s no tension here. We may see the future of golf a little differently, but I don’t think it should put a strain on our relationships and friendships.”
Woods and 2013 Masters winner Adam Scott are also part of the five-member subcommittee negotiating with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). After picking the first four with a 67-under at the Wells Fargo Championship, McIlroy added:
“We reviewed his 150-page document about future product models and everything else. “Yes, I’m not a director, but I’m involved in this trade committee in some way. I don’t have voting rights, so I think I don’t have a significant say in what happens in the future.” Masu.”
At the PGA Tour Board of Directors meeting, McIlroy somewhat backtracked on his own comments Wednesday, also saying, “There are some people on the board who are probably uncomfortable with me coming back for whatever reason.” . One day later, he claimed that this was more connected to the red ribbon.
“I don’t have to think or think that people don’t want to be involved. It was a simple process of figuring out how to get involved again, right? ” – He said.

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