PXG’s Bob Parsons on new autobiography: ‘I’ve never regretted any decision I’ve made

PXG’s Bob Parsons on new autobiography: ‘I’ve never regretted any decision I’ve made’
Bob Parsons, the 73-year-old billionaire behind the 10-year-old golf startup PXG, which has become an industry mainstay, likes to say that luck and guardian angels were essential to his success. The biggest success of his career was the sale of his microcomputer software company Parsons’ technology to Intuit for his $50 million and leading GoDaddy.com to become a disruptor in the industry. This led to an additional $2.3 billion worth of sales. All of these business accomplishments were largely due to Mr. Parsons’ meager education in East Baltimore, Maryland, his service as a Marine in Vietnam and his Purple Heart, and the self-taught computer programmer who laid the foundation for his career. This is attributed to a strong work ethic. A unique presence as an entrepreneur. His current presence on the golf course also includes full-time voice-over work for PXG’s television commercials, but that tone is just the persona Parsons plays in the media, and he’s a bit of an overachiever. It is a kind of marketing alchemy that I believe. . But it is clear that the success is undeniable. A real man: A man determined to understand everything from computer languages ​​to running the Scottsdale National Golf Club, a man with a passion for military personnel and blue-collar workers, a man who spent almost half a century on the Vietnam War. Veterans who fought with PTSD. – as revealed through his recently published autobiography, Fire in the Hole. We caught up with Parsons on a recent visit to New York to talk about his life, his books, and the current state of golf (and his game as he looks to regain lost ground after recent knee replacement and hip surgeries). We sat and talked. (Questions and comments have been edited for length and clarity.)
You have succeeded in many things in life. Why take on the task of writing a book?
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I was friends with about a half-dozen buddies who served with me in a rifle company in Vietnam, and they said to me over and over again over the years: And I thought for a long time, and it would be great if there was something that future generations of my family, or my children and their children, could read and know where they came from. thought. from. And, as you get older, you think more and change.
Was it easier or more difficult than you thought? Working with Laura Morton was very successful. Laura Morton is a really good writer and co-writer, and she really pushed me. For me, building something was like falling out of a boat and hitting the water. It was difficult now, some things during the war, it was difficult. There were some things that I really fell, I was there, and I was able to see him as if I had seen him for the first time, and I felt it. I cried. It broke me, but after taking a book, it was very catharsis. But it still bothers me, unlike before.
When I look back on the stories of my life that make up this book, I can’t help but wonder how proud I am, how surprised I am, and how much I regret them. That’s the nature of my life. I accomplished everything I wanted to do. In short, I have never regretted my decision. It’s either because it was a really good decision or, just as importantly, you learned a lesson from it. We learn a lot from our mistakes because making mistakes is one of the ways to success. As you know, first we tie the shoes in a knot. Karl appears later. So in PXG’s case, how much of its success is due to the attitude it developed when it was young, and how much is due to its experience as an elder?
: Well, I’m still that young man, but when it comes to golf, I mean, you’re showing me a tougher job. I don’t think I could pursue such a complex activity. Every company I’ve ever worked for has always been harder than I expected. Each. And my father once said to me: “As you get older, you want to focus on other people, and it seems much easier to do that.” Please don’t believe it. They’re all cool and everyone would be if they weren’t.
One thing you keep coming back to is your battle with PTSD in Vietnam. You even detail how plant-based psychedelics have helped you find relief. How much did the book provide an opportunity for you to share your story and help others in that struggle? You know, everyone would be surprised at what you do when you have no choice. And if PTSD arises in you, it is not sadness. It’s something out of my control that still happens to me at the worst times. It’s not fear…or rather, it’s just fear. I can’t control it. He is an enemy he cannot see. However, in my life, I worked hard because I had to do it, but I am also incredible and incredible. I know that there are many coincidence. I literally think I have an angel. But when I write about how I learned to cope with his PTSD, I hope people understand that there is a way, there is hope. This is definitely one of my intentions.
Final question: What do you think about the USGA, R&A, and the distance issue? He never dropped the golf ball. The problem was the athletic ability and physical condition of the participants. So if the USGA and R&A want to tell players they can’t lift weights or go to the gym for three months before the Open, perhaps that will help more than just changing golf balls. . But I don’t think they will accept it. So it’s crazy. Will I make a matching ball? still. Let’s settle this battle first. And even if the tour agrees to this, it will take a while to shake up the market. That’s because most golfers don’t really care whether the USGA makes their balls compliant. want to play. I believe this is the Scottsdale National PXG rule. If all clubs in your bag are PXG, there is no limit of 14 clubs. We haven’t made a non-compliant driver yet, but I think I’m the only one who thinks that if we made a really great driver, we’d definitely play it. And you will be automatically accepted at Scottsdale State University.
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