Sam Woods: “Golf stole my dad” I hate golf

‘Golf stole my daddy’ – Tiger Woods explains why daughter Sam has a ‘negative connotation’ towards the sport

Tiger Woods explains why daughter Sam has a ‘negative connotation’ towards sports

Tiger Woods’ daughter Sam doesn’t seem to be much of a golfer. This may be surprising since his father is one of the most influential athletes in the history of the sport, but it comes at a price, and that price is Sam spending time with her family while growing up. Ta. Woods recently said why Sam felt like this (after today):

“She has a negative meaning for the game. When she grew up, golf took her father. I had to leave, and I left for a few weeks.” He acknowledged. He said the two need to spend the rest of their time building a relationship outside of golf. It was much different for his son Charlie, who plays golf and is also working towards a career in golf. Tiger Woods was one of the most prosperous players in the PGA tour golf, which means many tournaments and many trips. For most of the year, he must spend the first day of the week, calm down, calm down, and make four laps on the last day. Golf doesn’t have a long offseason either.

But Sam gets involved too. She has a negative connotation, but she worked with Tiger Woods and Charlie at the PNC Championship, so it’s not out of the question.

Tiger Woods talks about Charlie’s golf course

Tiger Woods has been coaching his son Charlie for years, hoping he will one day follow in his footsteps as a professional golfer. Things aren’t looking so good for young golfers right now.
Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods at the Masters

Woods said that his son usually follows his advice, but has been struggling with a few things lately (via Today):

“He’s 15 years old,” he said. “That’s what happens, that’s what teenagers go through. They’re trying to find their place in the world.»

Woods’ father helped Woods grow as a player and said he wishes his father had met his son. He thinks they would have had a great relationship, but Charlie was born after Woods’ father died.

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