Tiger Woods Gets to be a Giggling Stock within the Golf World After a Video From Valhalla Goes Viral

There’s no question that Tiger Woods was, is, and will stay the legend of the golf world. Be that as it may, are the circumstances the same? Onlookers utilized to cover him like bees in arrange to urge a see of his golf shots and a chance to witness him raise one more trophy at the conclusion of the competition. In spite of the fact that his ubiquity remains unaltered, his diversion has experienced critical changes. And it is all due to the almost-fatal mischance back in 2021. 

America’s Favorite Video Nowadays

Fans have seemingly misplaced believe in him. After all, the 48-year-old’s career stats since the accident haven’t been promising. On the off chance that Woods makes the cut, the chance of him pulling back is tall; on the off chance that not, people will need to witness the awful locate of him battling to keep up with the others’ scores and physicality till the conclusion.

The golf world accepts Woods can hardly make it to the end of the week in a normal competition, let alone the majors. Consequently, the golfer tolerating welcomes and playing within the occasions has become more of a joke to them. It was no diverse for the upcoming PGA Championship.

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