Block: ‘I got sick of myself, I was so out there’,and I was so frustrated to ……⬇️⬇️

Block: ‘I got sick of myself, I was so out there’,and I was so frustrated to ……⬇️⬇️

Now a year removed, Block’s life is totally different.

He revealed this week that a suddenly busy schedule hasn’t allowed him time to give a single golf lesson since his finish in New York. He’s largely had to step away from the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Southern California where he had worked for years. His office door, usually open, is almost permanently closed because of the “onslaught of people,” which he said is a real “bummer.

All of the attention he’s received since — Block even received a text from NBA icon Michael Jordan in the wake of his finish — really started to get to him.

“Yeah, I got sick of myself, I was so out there,” Block told this week. “I literally was sick of myself and seeing posts about me that I can only imagine people that weren’t me how much they hated — like, I was so over it.”

Block will tee off alongside Luke Donald and Shaun Micheel in the first two rounds of the PGA Championship this week. While his outing last May was impressive, Block has largely struggled on the course since then.

He’s missed the cut at both PGA Tour events he’s played in this year, and the PGA Championship last year was the only event in six starts that he made the cut. He fell just short of qualifying for last year’s U.S. Open, too.

But for now, Block isn’t thinking too much about the future. He knows that, if he’s going to pull off a repeat of last year, he has to just enjoy himself this week.

“Right now I’m just dialing in, trying to get all 14 clubs so I go out there and there’s no stress, and then it comes down to golf,” Block said. “You play as good as you can and try not to get frustrated when you hit a bad shot because there’s going to be a bad shot, and just have a good time. That’s how I play at my best.”

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